What is Energy Healing ?

by Emma Morriss, former co-director and teacher
How is Energy Healing different to Reiki or Spiritual Healing? This is a question I have been asked many times, so I will offer an answer...  All healing comes from the same universal consciousness that naturally moves towards health and well-being. We all have that universal intelligence within us and we are all surrounded by a dynamic force-field of energy that is designed to feed us with life energy. All forms of healing are tapping into this consciousness in different ways.  One way of looking at it is that there is a spectrum of energetic frequencies available for use in healing. Different healing methods are attuning to certain bandwidths within that spectrum.
Energy Healing is a full-spectrum approach to healing, which works with a map of consciousness called the human energy field. It works by tracing symptoms back to their energetic causes within the subtle bodies.
The Etheric Body is composed of the meridians and acupuncture points. This subtle body is a structured web of energy that maintains the health of our physical body . It can be weakened by various factors including: electromagnetic pollution, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors and karmic patterning in the astral body.
The Emotional Body is composed of clouds of emotional energy. If there is emotional suppression, there will be stagnation in the energy field, which will ultimately impact on the etheric body and lead to physical symptoms.
The Mental Body is where we hold our thought forms. Thinking does not only happen in the brain, each cell in our body is conditioned by the thoughts we have. This web of mental energy affects our emotional and physical well-being.
The Astral Body is an emotional body where we hold memories of all past experiences. This carries an imprint or conditioning that determines how we perceive reality. It is a creative imprint and functions like a mould so that we are constantly recreating the present out of old habits and patterns, until we clear the unhealthy conditioning.
The Etheric Template holds the divine blueprint of our true physical potential. In psychic surgery, it is used in conjunction with the etheric body to bring about healing on the physical level. It is also necessary to heal the emotional and spiritual bodies before full physical health manifests.
The Celestial Body is where we find our inspiration and unconditional love for ourselves and others. This consciousness is always available to uplift us, yet sometimes we are surrounded by denser frequencies in the other bodies, which cloud our perception so we don’t notice that the sun is still shining.
The Causal Body is the body of our divine wisdom. It is where we rest in being, knowing our true nature and feeling our connectedness to existence. We feel ourselves to be an integral, perfect part of the divine symphony. We surrender to the mystery of it all. The question “Why am I here ?” disappears and we are left knowing in wonder.  [  ]
As well as a professional training, the School offers a profound journey of self-transformation through which we can become whole again. We can become embodied in all aspects of our being. We can clear the patterns in our energy field that keep us stuck in limiting patterns from the past. We can grow into our highest potential and be part of the expansion of consciousness that is happening on the planet now. We can learn to anchor the healing frequencies that are here with us now and use them to heal ourselves and others. We can help bring about planetary awakening. It is happening now, we are all part of it.

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