The Messenger of Change

by Sonia Jackson, former FIEH director and teacher 
As the long anticipated energy of 2012 continues to arrive, it’s intensity and impact seems to have taken many of us by surprise, bringing change and shifts on many levels.  Arriving with a sense of finality,  it’s as though we’re being given the chance to see with more clarity, to feel with more depth and choose once and for all between the comforting seduction of the ego, and trusting the process of life itself as we pursue a heart-full longing to express and engage with the world from our Divine nature.  Almost brutal in its intensity of cutting to the chase, it offers the message that it’s time to literally, go straight to the heart.
Reflecting on how our changing energetic environment is bringing its influence to bear, I share with many friends and colleagues in the healing community a growing sense that it’s time to let go of the ‘doing’ and bring a renewed simplicity to a focus of healing through ‘being’ in our world.   Whichever way we view our experiences it comes back to choice.  How do we choose to ‘be’ with change in our lives, and as healers and therapists, how do we choose to ‘be’ in supporting others in their intention to heal. 
Going ‘straight to the heart’ brings us home to the heart of healing, the place within where the creative and unifying force of life lives as a vibration of pure and Divine love, a healing force that is simply waiting for an invitation to live through us to bring love back to life and heal the wounds of our human struggle.  I’m reminded here of the familiar phrase ‘healing starts at home’, but the simplicity of these words belies a challenge to our passionate intentions and prompts us to gently challenge how deeply we choose to engage in this co-creative relationship of life. 
Our work as healers often finds its focus in the wounding of separation, and more and more I witness the grief and pain that comes from a surfacing memory of the deeper wounding we have all experienced, that of spiritual separation, and for some a perceived loss of connection to our Divine source that reveals it’s pain in an overwhelming longing to simply ‘return home’.  It’s no surprise that this manifests as we start to remember our true spiritual nature, or that it’s role is that of co-conspirator as it serves to gently open us to receive the wisdom and loving guidance of our Divine essence.  The challenge that’s offered in our choice to walk the healing path is to fully embrace the many aspects of who we are in the present moment with the comforting promise that this will bring us closer to authentically knowing that part of our being that remains in constant remembering of our eternal nature. We surrender with great trust to the promised experience of sheer ecstasy as we reunite with a forgotten knowing that we are already that which we so desperately long to be, perfect and unified in Divine expression, we are already home.  
Emerging from the challenge of our present climate is a very tangible impulse to come back to a way of being in our healing work that recognises the need to simply create a space in which the alchemy of healing can happen through the language of vibration, the vibration of a love that needs no words and nothing more than the freedom to be.  Surely then the greatest support we can offer those that reach out to us for healing is the opportunity to be touched by this love through the vibration we invite  in the space we hold for them.  Consciously choosing to resonate to the vibration of the Divine returns us to the simple truth that love is the greatest healer of all, reminding us too that in our deepest wounding we meet in mutuality in a shared longing to be embraced in this love once again.  
We bear witness as living proof that miracles become manifest from the pure vibration of love, and I wonder what miracles could happen for all who share our beautiful world if we simply choose to be in our heart with more consciousness and allow it the freedom to become the messenger it was born to be, a messenger that brings the gift of healing for our humanity through the vibration of a pure and Divine love, a vibration that is the very heart of life itself.

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