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The Foundation is run by a Board of elected Trustees, all graduates of the former School of Energy Healing. It is a non-profit making organisation. The current trustees are:


Andrea Klein

Andrea pursued an international career in film until the breech birth of her baby at home brought an awakening of consciousness and a questioning of the mechanistic medical paradigm. Ever since, her life has been dedicated to the study of the mind-body-spirit connection and to deepening into compassionate presence. Her desire to share the benefit of her experience with others led her to train as a holistic practitioner and she now runs a busy practice offering Integrated Energy Healing, EFT, NLP and Reiki.  As an educator, Andrea teaches meditation classes as well as a Level 3 accredited Diploma in Practical Spirituality and brings to the Foundation her passion for empowering others to access their potential for transformation and growth through education as well as her project management skills.


Bill Adlard

Bill left a career as a practising criminal barrister in 1999 after the sudden death of his brother. A chance encounter with healer Matthew Manning started a journey of spiritual discovery which lead him to the School, graduating in Integrated Energy Healing in 2011. Since then Bill has completed foundations in EFT and hypnotherapy and is currently working for a professional diploma in transpersonal psychotherapy at the CCPE. His aim is to bring conventional psychotherapy, energy healing and other therapies together to offer a truly profound spiritual and personal awakening and healing. As well as a deeply heart-centred approach and a developing knowledge of psychology, Bill brings his experience of legal and financial matters to the Foundation.


Heather Glansford Rowson

A professional teacher, singer, artist and healer, Heather is fascinated by the human body and mind and its creative potential. Many years of community volunteering with mentally and physically disabled people, the unemployed, elderly and bereaved, leaves her in awe of the shining human spirit. Ill-health brought her to receive, then practise, Integrated Energy Healing. Heather is now passionate about reconnecting others to the fullest expression of their true self and supporting their journey to well-being, wholeness and a life of presence, deep peace, creativity and joy. She brings to the Foundation her creativity and a commitment to spreading a deeper understanding and engagement with the transformational power of Integrated Energy Healing.


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