How our practitioners were trained

The 3-year course that all our registered practitioners have completed offered training to a professional level resulting in the qualification ‘Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing’.   In order to graduate, students were required to reach a level of competency that not only reflects an intellectual understanding, but demonstrates an ability to embody and apply theoretical knowledge in the areas of both professional practice and personal development.

The 3-year period of study offered 610 contact teaching hours and assessment was conducted on a continuous basis.  Completion of written home-study assignments was required throughout, as well as 120 hours of practical case study client work and 60 personal therapy sessions.  In the final Diploma year a 5,000 word Case Study thesis was submitted in order to demonstrate competence in the integration of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, psychological and emotional understanding.  Students were also encouraged from Year 1 to develop a personal practice in Chi Kung and Meditation, with self-assessment and reflections on challenges and progress in these areas being part of the assessment criteria.

The training was unique in its experiential approach which combined in-depth body-mind healing with profound spiritual awakening, allowing students to develop their skills progressively and to begin embodying them.  The residential format of five one-week long retreats per year facilitated deep immersion into the process. Professionally, the course offered the opportunity to learn a wide range of powerful and effective healing techniques and develop a strong and broad skill base that supports the role of caring at a professional level in the field of complementary therapy. The syllabus included spiritual psychology and also had a strong emphasis on professional ethics.  On a personal level, through the profound and deep transformation that often occurred, students were guided to a way of being that brings expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening, improved physical, emotional and psychological health, a richer quality in relationships, a stronger acceptance of self, a deeper sense of personal presence and well-being and greater clarity in understanding and fulfilling their life purpose.

During the course, our graduates were encouraged to ‘walk their talk’ and meet and transform their own shadow self.  Thanks to its unique combination of theoretical knowledge and embodied practice our Diploma enables our graduates to hold their clients safely and professionally through deep processes of transformation.

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